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Scholar Spotlight: Megan Stein



After the nice two-week vacation from school, college students are in the midst of acclimating to a new quarter, new courses, and new activities. One of these students getting back into the swing of school is Megan Stein, a first-year at Western Washington University and our Scholar Spotlight for January.  Her intended major is Psychology with a focus on abnormal psychology, which is essentially the science of mental disorders. Stein is a highly motivated student who has already thought about her graduate school goals, and plans to either get a PhD in clinical psychology, or a Psychology Doctorate either in the United States or Canada.

Q: Are there any activities that you are involved in outside of school? If so, what are they, and why do you like to be involved?

A: “Back in High School, I was actually involved in a multicultural Vietnamese club where I fan dance. I got involved in this because I am half Vietnamese, and I grew up with Vietnamese dancing. At Western Washington University, I am in the psychology club,  Mixed Identity Student Organization, the mindfulness club, and NAMI on Camopus. NAMI is an organization which works to advance mental health advocacy, awareness, and resource sharing. I am also on the team of an action research project which aims to increase diversity and inclusion in the psychology department at Western Washington University. I like to be involved in these things to engage in broader discourse and learn other perspectives, be engaged in my community, and to contribute in the well-being of campus. ”

Click here to see a video of Stein’s multicultural Vietnamese club doing their first performance of fan dancing.

Q: What topics/areas of study do you find most interesting related to social media and adolescent health?

A: “I am interested in how social media can do good because right now, I do not think that social media is being harnessed to its full potential. For instance, social media can be used for more effective outreach with communities of need, and social media can help raise awareness of more issues. I have faith in humanity to do better.”

Q: Have you started considering any potential career fields?

A: “I want something that isn’t the same everyday, where I can work on all sorts of different projects. I used to want to be a clinical researcher, but now I am open to everything.”

Q: After participating in Scholars, what is your view about the research world?

A: “I think that the research world comes with challenges but if it is ethical, it is worth it. Honest research is important.”

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