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Scholar Spotlight: Ema Bargeron

Public policy, costume making, and biochemistry are just a tip of the iceberg of things that Ema is fascinated with. Ema was a part of Summer Scholars in 2016 and since then has been very involved being a part of SMAHRT’s Youth Advisory Board. We had such an amazing time catching up with Ema recently to see what she’s been up to since starting her junior year at University Prep High School.


Ema (first row, middle) with her mentor group mentored by SMAHRT staff, Jesse Gritton, and Scholar Alumni ’15 Danny Pham.

Q: Are there any sports, activities, clubs, etc. that you are involved in? If so, what are they, and why do you like to be involved:
A: I am currently in a theater class where I take part in designing costumes. I’ve had the opportunity to look through catalogs, order the pieces that I need, and make the whole costume work for each character in the school musical. I have always really enjoyed playing dress up since elementary school and since then it has evolved into costume making. I recently started taking a more leadership role in this class. Additionally, I am the head of the Model UN team, gender equity club, Women in Science club, and our school’s community service club.
Q: Wow, there is definitely a lot on your plate, how do you manage to get so much done?A: [laughs] Not a lot of sleep. But [with these opportunities], I’ve met so many different people, it has certainly been worth it.

Q: Do you have any post-secondary education plans? If so, do you have a dream college in mind?
A: For awhile now, I have wanted to go into pediatrics with an emphasis in global health. For college, I would like to study biochemistry or public policy – political science, dependent on the school. I really want to focus on ethics and bioethics. I enjoy the sciences and I love kids. Ever since middle school, I have been very involved in advocacy, because it is through those demonstrations that I can have a voice (especially politically, where my voice isn’t normally heard because of my age). I truly believe that health care is a big part of life. I want to be able to make a lasting positive impact in this world. I think down the line after college, I would want to pursue a Medical Degree in conjunction with a Master’s in Public Health.
Q: Did participating in Summer Scholars help guide you towards a certain major, career path, or field of study? If so, how?
A: Before this program, I didn’t really have a grasp on research. The panel of guest speakers really made a lasting impression on me. It helped me solidify what I wanted to do in the future, affirming me the value in getting a Master’s in Public Health. I also learned that sometimes in certain research fields, findings are not translated well for the general public; I want to be a part of changing that.

Q: After being a part of the Summer Scholars program, what is your view about the research world? Did your perspective change after being a part of the program? If so, how did it change?
A: It was great to see how the “machine” works behind the scenes. I definitely want to get involved with research in college, to make sure I get more of this experience. I want to be a practitioner more, but experience in research is helpful especially in translating the information [from findings to real-world applications or implications].
Q: What advice would you give to future Scholars?
A: DO IT, IT IS SO MUCH FUN! You have to be okay with the fact that you might not know anyone, but definitely be open to meeting people. Advice wise, take every opportunity that you get. They may not be the perfect ones, not exactly, but they are all very valuable experiences. For me, this experience was extremely valuable in many regards, but especially in networking. I was at my school’s service fair to set up and someone from Seattle Children’s Research Institute (a non-SMAHRTie), recognized me from the poster presentations!

Follow the link: http://smahrtresearch.com/summer_scholars/ for more information about Summer Scholars, and look out for our next application cycle!



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